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Welcome to Active Fitness Aim: Cultivating Balance and Wellness in the Workplace

In Active Fitness Aim, we recognize how important it is to ensure employee wellbeing and its impact on efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Our Corporate Yoga Programs are designed to help bring harmony, ease stress, and improve the physical and mental health for your workers. With our experienced instructors and a range of flexible options we can provide the transformative power yoga into your workplace.

Why Choose Active Fitness Aim for Yoga Programs?

Ensuring the health and wellbeing that your workers enjoy is a great investment for the future of your company. This is why these Corporate Yoga Trainer bring out courses for corporate employees stand out

  • Enhancing Employee: Well-being carefully planned yoga classes are specifically designed to meet the particular needs and challenges of working in a workplace.
  • Improved Productivity: Regular yoga has been proven to improve concentration, focus and a sense of creativity which results in increased productivity and efficiency for employees.
  • Stress Reduction: Stress at work is a frequent issue that could negatively affect the performance of employees.

Certified Personal Yoga Trainer

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Our Comprehensive Corporate Yoga Programs

We are Active Fitness Aim , and provide a variety of yoga classes that are tailored to the needs of your business and needs:

  • Laughter Yoga Gurgaon for Stress Relief:
  • Desk Yoga and Posture Correction:
  • Mindfulness and Meditation:
  • Group Classes and Team-Building:
  • Workshops and Wellness Events:
  • Customized Programs for Your Workplace

Invest in Your Employees' Well-being

Employees are the biggest asset. If you invest in their health through our Corporate Yoga Rates in India are well customized. You demonstrate your commitment to creating an environment that is healthy and enjoyable for everyone.

Experience the Benefits of Corporate Yoga Programs-


Get the most out of your employees with Active Fitness Aim. Discover the positive effects of yoga on employees’ well-being as well as productivity and satisfaction. Let’s create a healthier and more peaceful work environment by working together!

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Make the first step toward Yogic Way Yoga Sessions for Employees for better health and a more balanced workplace today. Contact us today to find out more about our corporate yoga classes and discover ways we can create the perfect wellness program for your company.

Objective of Corporate Yoga Classes

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Yoga has five important implications:
  • Yoga as a restrained system for accomplishing an objectiv
  • Yoga as systems of controlling the body and the brain
  • Yoga as a name of one of the schools or frameworks of reasoning (darsana)
  • Yoga regarding different words, for example, “hatha-, mantra-, and laya-,” alluding to customs having some expertise specifically strategies of yoga
  • Yoga as the objective of Yoga practice
As indicated by David Gordon White, from the fifth century CE forward, the implications of the expression “yoga” got to be pretty much altered, yet having different implications:
  • Yoga as an investigation of observation and discernment
  • Yoga as the climbing and development of awareness
  • Yoga as a way to omniscience
  • Yoga as a system for entering into different bodies, creating various bodies, and the achievement of other heavenly attainments
Potential profits for grown-ups

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Why to go for Yoga Classes?

Yoga can change your body as well as your mind from the first day you start to practice it, says AFA yoga trainer. He includes, “It doesn’t tire you out, and rather, it revives and fortifies you.” Here are a couple of reasons why you ought to practice yoga…

With the greater part of us stuck to our machines constantly, and when off that, we have our telephones to check, redesign, transfer, content, email and so on. Research has demonstrated that the vast majority of us aren’t generally “in” the minute. We are all the time considering due dates and timetables while going ahead with day by day work and that detracts us from our ‘present’. Yoga provides for us the chance to unplug. It makes us centre.

It is said that a spending a 45 minutes in yoga session is identical to two hours in the exercise centre. You wind up blazing all the more in considerably less time.

Honing yoga is simple and easy. You needn’t bother with extravagant gear. Everything you need is a mat and a spot where you can move it out and start. There are a ton of yoga studios with qualified instructors in Delhi and Gurgaon, and not at all like an exercise centre where you need to go and practice, regarding yoga you can hone all the asanas all alone, once you take in the correct routines to do them.

Practicing in the exercise centre/gym can help your body, yet doing yoga can help your body, as well as your cerebrum as well. Yoga is similar to a gym for your mind — the workout your brain gets, the additional blood streaming to the remote cells and neurons helps your cerebrum capacity better. Yoga is said to enhance your mind capacities, recall things better, concentrate on your exercises furthermore make you feel vigorous and restored.

Yoga outfits are the loose, detached fitted ones that you are most agreeable in. There are additionally some cool ones with printed messages for young people.

Asanas frequently include holding certain postures for some time and breathing right and this expands your centre quality. Our Gurgaon based experts suggests that the muscles are toned and fortified, because of the yoga postures. Likewise the adaptability increments to a substantial degree.

Inside the gym, you can’t escape noisy music. What’s more gymming without music does not by any means work. Actually when there is no music, you are presented to the dull buzzing commotion of the treadmill and the sudden noisy crashes of the weights and so on. Customarily, yoga provides for us some peaceful and serene time. You get to hear the hush and rejoice in it.

Yoga can help you set aside a few minutes to look inside your being. It can help you reflect and think. You figure out how to watch and assess yourself and your considerations. Yoga is about individual practice and that implies you are not talking while you are doing yoga, dissimilar to when you are gymming.

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Corporate Yoga Programs


Certification: ACE , ACSM
Corporate Yoga Programs


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Corporate Yoga Programs


Certification: ISSA, GFFI, GGU
Corporate Yoga Programs


Certification: ISSA, GFFI, GGU
Corporate Yoga Programs


Certification: ISSA, GFFI, GGU

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